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AMAZING! I am now able to receive the care I need in order to control my pain which has been interfering with me working at my best as a dental hygienist. 

Better Call Doc has taken me from the pain control passive rehab to what I now call my spa workouts. I get my massages & personal strength workouts all-in-one session. All this at a price I can afford. Like I said...AMAZING!


WHAT A RELIEF! I'm pushing 70 and used to feel like I was pushing 90. My desk job was killing me! After only a few treatments I'm now pushing 50....that's 50 pounds for bicep hamstring curls. Seriously, treatments are affordable & specific to what you need to get rid of the pain, control the pain and for me, re-build that old wagon body of mine into a brand new Maserati. Thanks Better Call Doc!



Well, maybe a few more words. The affordability of Better Call Doc is what attracted me. My doctor recommended I get physio. Ya right. My plan barely covered 2 weeks of therapy. On the Better Call Doc Earth plan, I'm not only getting my physio treatments extended to a full year, I've progressed to exercise with the Pain Therapy Practitioners. Amazing, especially for a lazy girl like me. That's what's MAGICAL!



You will never find another clinic in Ontario that is affordable like Better Call Doc. I can see why each location has a patient maximum limit because everyone loves going there and receiving treatments. The King & Yonge location is so convenient for me too. It's right at the subway station. Very cool concept I love it.

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