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O U R     3    V I S I O N S

O U R    D U T Y   O F   C A R E


O U R   S P I N A L 

C L I N  I C A L   V I S I O N


To integrate routine Image Screening Examinations across the province in all trauma-based patients who meet the entry criteria for the test.

Optimizing the x-ray examinations beyond a visual inspection will help identify trauma injuries routinely missed by standard x-ray examination. In doing so, ORM's comprehensive assessments will allow patients a safe recovery.






O U R   S P I N A L 

R E S E A R C H   V I S I O N

To continuously investigate, discover and expose the true nature of spinal injuries created by deceleration and vertical impact forces.

As a specialty assessment clinic, the Ontario Research Medical Group (ORM) is the result of seeing the need to conduct diagnostic processes and examinations that meet the following criteria:

  1. A high etiologic specificity for trauma;

  2. Expertise and experience with deceleration forces upon the spine;

  3. A technology laboratory team that can execute x-ray examinations that are lengthy and difficult to conduct;

  4. Capable to produce an evidence-based and evidence-informed report that can objectively connect the trauma with the patient’s diagnosis, the trauma with the symptoms experienced and the diagnosis with the symptoms;

  5. Continued on-going involvement with the investigation of trauma-based injuries that do not fall within the realm of Whiplash Associated Disorder I or Minor Injuries.


Thus, the ORM examination, investigative, technical and administration team are committed to the challenges of investigating injuries difficult to diagnose in order to minimize false negative examiner determinations on patients who actually suffer major injuries.

ORM recognizes the importance of our research and diagnostic services as they reflect directly upon the patient’s:

  1. Health care providers who need the diagnostic information for their prescriptive care plans;

  2. Legal representatives who require objective medical evidence in order to facilitate the patient’s immediate and chronic support.

Together, our efforts optimize the safety of patient care while at the same time assure the patient’s safe recovery.






O U R    M E D I C A L

R E S E A R C H   V I S I O N


To investigate and report to the best of our capabilities the benefits and risks pertaining to medical devices designed to be consumer populations around the world. 

Provide design and clinical use guidelines for new medical devices in order to improve device function and therapeutic outcomes.



Our clinic is located at 61 Sixth Avenue.Timmins ON.

Our Toronto location is at Axis Performance in Scarborough

We can accept patients in the entire province of Ontario &

can offer tele-medicine consultations.

ORM uses any provincial radiology facility close to the patient.

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