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Spinal examinations & assessments    Motor vehicle accident
Specialty  x-ray  studies  screening  for  spinal  instability
Clinical research & reports for medical device manufacturers

Servicing the entire Province of Ontario


ORM is an Ontario clinic conducting stress studies screening for spinal ligament tears as a result of deceleration trauma.

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Our examinations and comprehensive medical legal reports are strictly supported by evidence-based medicine.


ORM accepts patients from the entire province. Our screening tests can be conducted from any radiology centre in Ontario.

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AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment

American Medical Association's Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians

W H O   W E   A R E

The Ontario Research Medical Group (ORM) is a team of health care professionals consisting of medical physicians, chiropractor and radiology-technicians whose mission is to conduct specialty end-range stress test x-ray for Ontario residents who have experienced trauma forces to their necks &/or lower backs.


Examples of trauma forces involve motor vehicle accidents, falls or any other accident characterized by sudden deceleration forces on the spine.

ORM also conducts research & writes reports for medical device manufacturers for the purpose of licensing & certification government requirements. 



Spinal end-range stress tests screen for objective medical evidence to help the patient first.
When present, the course of therapy must change immediately.

We are there to work with every doctor & clinic in the province.

Screening for spinal 3rd degree tears is a smart clinical move when the patient sustained sudden deceleration forces to the spine (MVA).

When present, treatment direction must change & the laws allows for a re-classification of the patient's injury (No longer in the MIG)

ORM's research specialty is to assist manufacturers obtain licensing requirements for sales.
Each country has its own laws & requirements. We are there to help with our reports, from full clinical trials to extensive systematic review papers & meta analysis reports.


Our clinic works with most radiology clinics in the province. 

We therefore begin our patient interviews with a tele-medicine consult &

can refer the patient to a radiology clinic close to their home/work.

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