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Three Doctors: Drs. Athavan Gunanathan, Eric Dupaya & Michel Rice

The birth of the AUM began when three MD's took on a challenging project, originally initiated & headed by Dr. Atavan. Dr. Athavan Guananathan dreamed of founding a medical school that would meet today's contemporary educational needs. So the three doctors applied for a University charter in Montserrat and called it the American University of Montserrat. 

The charter was granted in October 2021 and all the initial start-up processes involving the WHO registration & accreditation committee registration are in place. Faculty of Medicine graduates are eligible to take their required clinical rotations in Canada and the USA. Upon completion of the MD degree, graduates are eligible to match in the residency programs in the USA, UK and Canada.

In the meantime, Dr. Michel Rice, a chiropractor and medical doctor passionate for the healing rehabilitation powers of active therapy and exercise, set-up the Better Call Doc Academy. Its objective is to extend programs for trainers in order to allow them to manage pain.



Dr. Rice's work with international celebrity pain device manufacturers such as Dr. Ho is the basis of his Pain Therapy Practitioner program.  Home-care devices manufactured for pain as well as other home-based manual active therapy techniques can be used by fitness professionals to allow for the treatment and management of pain. The process quickly takes the patient from an unwell impaired physical state to an active therapy and active exercise which is what fitness trainers are certified to execute.

Dr. Rice has teamed up with the National Academy of Sports Medicine [NASM], the 'Harvard' of fitness certification programs. Better Call Doc teaches all programs offered by NASM. The partnership allows for a guaranteed pass-rate for students. The American University of Montserrat, with the BCD Academy, has established an independent certificate program for all NASM programs, including the Certified Personal Trainer program.

Dr. Michel Rice is also available for patient consults in the following areas of disciplines and specialty: orthopedics, neurology, chronic pain, & sexual health. These consults are largely conducted via tele-medicine and must have an academic and research component.

In passing, Dr. Rice is the author of a medical self-help book entitled Sexy Back. The book entertains and educates the reader on lower back pain. The book is also the basis for a Sexy Back app. The app is being developed for sexy exercises to rehabilitate back pain and take sexercises beyond rehab onto extensive gradual advanced exercise programs people can do at home. His current research [PhD] work ties into the sexual health discipline with the addition of sexual addiction & the vagus nerve. This work involves his PhD and is leading toward operative neuromodulation. He is currently working with anesthesiology and internal medicine in the area of pain as related to his work with the vagus nerve.

More on the subject of his sexual health research: The Sexy Back brand fits nicely with his current MD-PhD program at the AUM. Dr. Rice's expertise on the use of surface electric stimulation & transcranial stimulation in medical treatment is currently being examined in his PhD work specifically for the use of these modalities with medial diagnostic spectrums involving chemical addiction (alcohol, opioid, cannabis, nicotine), behavioral addiction (OCD, sex, paraphilias, gambling, food etc...), depression, anxiety, cardio-vascular disease & much more complex diseases afflicting so many communities in our current times. This work is intented to be purposed in his PhD proposal to improve community health internationally via new therapy options available for family physicians & specialists such as psychiatrists, neurologists, orthopaedic surgeons, pain control specialists, to name a few. The research is FDA registered and has been reviewed by the Canadian Institute of Health Research [Health Canada].

His post-doctoral work will, hopefully, expand his self-help writings to a new book picking up from his first book Sexy Back.

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Dr. Michel Rice Clinical Services

Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal injuries, impairment & rehabilitation - DC Ontario

Motor Vehicle Accident assessment - AADEP - American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians - DC Ontario

International: Sexy Back book consults. Dr. Rice is available to take patients through his program, one chapter at a time, while incorporating a patient-specific diagnostic profile with the program. International - DC/MD

Dr. Rice is also completing his PhD on Vagus nerve Deep Brain Modulation for addiction (sexual nature), depression & anxiety.


   Better Call Doc Academy
    National Academy of Sports Medicine
    Academy American University of Montserra

    GPS Medical Memory Course


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Better Call Doc Academy

Better Call Doc Academy
National Academy of Sports Medicine
American University of Montserrat

Specialization Courses *1

Pain Therapy Practitioner Program [PTP]

Sexy Back Certification Level 1 & 2 [SB1] & [SB2]

GPS Medical Memory Course for USMLE Step 1/2 examination

Certified Personal Trainer NASM-CPT & CPT-BCD/AUM *2


Performance Enhancement Specialization PES-NASM & PES-BCD/AUM

Corrective Exercise Specialist CES-NASM & CES-BCD/AUM

Certified Nutrition Coach CNC-NASM & CNC-BCD/AUM

Certified Sports Nutrition Coach CNSC-NASM & CNSC-BCD/AUM

Certified Wellness Coach CWC-NASM & CWC-BCD/AUM

Senior Fitness Specialist SFS-NASM & SFS-BCD/AUM

Women's Fitness Specialist WFS-NASM & WFS-BCD/AUM

Youth Exercise Specialist YES-NASM & YES-BCD/AUM

Weight Loss Specialist WLS-NASM & WLS-BCD/AUM

Behaviour Change Specialist BCS-NASM & BCS-BCD/AUM

Virtual Coaching Specialization VCS-NASM & VCS-BCD/AUM

Group Fitness Instructor GFI-NASM & GFI-BCD/AUM

Group Personal Training Specialization GPTS-NASM & GPTS-BCD/AUM

Stretching & Flexibility Coach SFC-NASM & SFC-BCD/AUM

Home Gym Design HGD-NASM & HGD-BCD/AUM

American University of Montserrat

The AUM currently has two specialization programs:

Bachelors of Science & Medical Doctor Degree

Pre-Med 8-month program (100% online)

*1  SPECIALIZATION COURSES: The student must have a trainer certification or Bachelors of Kinesiology prior to undertaking the Pain Therapy or Sexy Back courses.

*2  EXAMINATION; The NASM examination is separate from the BCD/AUM certification processes. The BCD/University examinations are three-level exams: written, practicum & oral. The NASM examination is an online examination. Students can opt to take either examinations to graduate and be certified. The certifications are independent of each other.

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