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C E   C R E D I T         I         L A W   S O C I E T Y

C E   S E M I N A R


Dr. Rice currently offers the following CE seminar entitled: ORM Using Special Studies Diagnostic Radiology In Injury Law. This is one of a planned series involving medico-legal case law as related to causation.

The ORM educational seminar is eligible toward the Law Society's CPD Requirement as "Substantive Hours," at the discretion of the attendee. ORM provides certificates of attendance for our Causation seminars. An application for full accreditation in the Society's 'Professionlism Building Hours' or the 'New Member requirement' has also been filed with the Law Society.

The ORM diagnostic radiology presentation shows how legal representatives can use special x-ray procedures to locate spinal injuries caused by deceleration forces such as those experienced in motor vehicle accidents. The presentation can also be viewed on this website under the link entitled ‘Prezi’. The radiology-based Prezi discusses the use of objective radiology tests to empower medical evidence.

The presentation can be delivered in a relaxed talk to individual legal teams in-house. Dr. Rice enjoys the more personable approach to his presentations because he finds that questions asked by legal teams are more practical. As he says, ‘there is no point in giving a great medical-radiology presentation if, at the end of the day, lawyers don’t know how to use the great assessment report ORM produces.’

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