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THE UNIVERSITY's Charter contends Covid restrictions with special provisions for MD1 students. Below outlines some facts & processes for our new admissions class of MD1

The Prime Minister allows for online learning as the University is building a new campus.

Special provisions for a complete online class attendance for MD1 to 5 for Aboriginal students (Canada + USA Reservation Students) has been reviewed by governance parties of Montserrat. This arrangement is an extended pilot project.

The University will not begin its classes on the new campus until both 1) the medical accreditation committees involved in the set-up operation of the University's new campus & 2) collaboratively the Montserrat government authorities allow students to reside in Montserrat.

Online MD1 to 5 will proceed with synchronous online class formats. The University uses an online format used by other universities such as the University of Toronto

After completion of the campus construction, students will complete MD1 to 5 in Montserrat. Each MD level takes four months to complete. The year of medicine corresponds to the MD level. For example, MD1 covers the courses that medical students would take in year one etc...

After completion of MD5 students then complete their United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 1, upon which students continue with the clinical segment of their education in Chicago.

The University arranges for all necessary student Visa's & any other additional documents required.

The entire MD program can take approximately 36 months. Students may take longer in order to allow for extended preparation time for USMLE examinations.

The PREMED program of our University is entirely given online, in both synchronous & asynchronous formats.


The American University of Montserrat is an international program with educational components in Montserrat, the USA, Canada, and the UK. Clinical clerkships are extended in the USA, Canada, & the United Kingdom. American University Montserrat maintains a campus for The Doctor of Medicine program in Montserrat. This is a new campus currently being constructed in the Caribbean.

American University of Montserrat campus is in Montserrat. It is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. The campus is situated 15 minutes from the heart of the commercial area. Montserrat is located 75 minutes by ferry and 20 minutes by air from the island of Antigua. Montserrat is a quiet multicultural British Territory with a population of 5,000. It is an Island with rich culture, Quiet and serene, making it an ideal location for learning and living.

American University Montserrat provides a unique opportunity to live and study abroad. Montserrat is a picturesque island with beautiful mountains and tropical weather.

While studying in Montserrat, students have the privilege of attending many of the intellectual, social, and sports events held in and around Montserrat. Our students are encouraged to pursue their interests in sports, music, & the vast cultural opportunities in Brades, Montserrat.

Montserrat’s unique experience afforded by the educational program is an invaluable and rewarding part of the American University of Montserrat. As a whole, the program offers exciting opportunities to travel and take part in a cultural richness offered by an international medical school. It is situated in an environment devoted to education, surrounded by picturesque views with an environmentally friendly campus.


Taking the first step when deciding to apply to medical school is a big one. Even now, our faculty members remember this first step as a big life changing move in our lives.


So congratulations on taking-on this first step. We want you to know that we are there to answer all of your questions every step of the way. Although the process of sending us your initial information can feel intimidating, just know that we take your decision very seriously & want you to feel comfortable & excited about your decision to become a doctor.


So if you can agree to having no anxiety, no worry & no emotional low moment on your part. we promise to help you in this process all the way through to your match confirmation the residency of your choice.


The information we are asking for in this first step is easy to fill-in. We want you to start the process of reflecting about why you want to be a doctor, at least at this initial stage in your education. There is no perfect answer to our questions & we have full expectations of you changing your views on some of our questions as you move along the program.

Keep in mind that your information is not being kept as you type answers to the questions on the online application. So please read each question carefully & for the longer questions we would like you to write the answer in a word document (any word processing / pdf works for us) so that you don't have to re-write your answers should your computer or tablet crash.

So this is a summary of the process:

Start with the questionnaire below. But if this is too soon too fast for you & you have questions then just call us *you'll have to leave a message, or send us an email. It's all at the bottom of this page above the footer.


Yes there is a fee for the application. The 'process of processing' takes up quite a bit of time from both ends, administration as well as reviews from the Dean of Medicine and Director of Admissions.

After we review the application we will contact you, usually be email, to ask for detailed information on select data. We may need additional information on the application so this is the second step. We'll also inform you on the next steps in the process. We may also contact you by telephone for this additional information.

Once we have received your transcripts & the overall review is that you are a good candidate for acceptance in to medical school, we will then ask to set-up a telephone interview with one of our Deans of Medicine, Dr. Atavan, Dr. Rice or Dr. Dupaya.

This interview will be a video chat - a link will be arranged using Zoom. Yes we will be asking you questions about some of the information you provided in your answers. Don't panic - this is more of a 'getting to know you' interview so we want you relaxed & comfortable. 

As we proceed with the application, a comprehensive checklist we be provided on everything that is required from you for a finalized completed application. Should you get an acceptance, then the process repeats with another comprehensive list & you will be assigned a mentor & work with the Director of Admissions to make sure you get that checklist all completed so that you can start on the semester you have chosen to begin your medical studies. Exciting stuff.