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Therapy + Fitness all in one 30 minute class

  • T H E S I X T H

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Sexy Back is a medical self-help book authored by Dr. Michel Rice. The book is available on the website The book is also available on Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble and Indigo. The classes use unique Sexy Back concepts proprietary to Dr. Rice and his Sexy Back program. Each class type has different themes, working on flexibility, balance, strength, power & posture all the while focusing on reducing or eliminating back pain & restoring normal spinal function. Classes are fun, entertaining, challenging yet clinical & based upon evidence-based medical research. OH, and let's not forget that all Sexy Back classes have a mission to make you feel sexy, look sexy and be sexy!

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We're sorry but last minute bookings are just not permitted with Better Call Doc. This time was booked just for you - to replace the time slot in a short notice is just not possible with our multi-site automated online bookings. Don't worry, simply find another spot but the fee for a missed appointment will apply [$35]. In the big picture, don't sweat it it always works out in the long run. Just make sure you re-book your visit to get the best time that works for your busy schedule.

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