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Affordable Doc & Physio-assisted Pain Relief Therapy!





The Better Call Doc Formulary is our therapy brand!

Better Call Doc Pain Therapy practitioners receive specialized BCD training in the following areas of physical and rehabilitation therapy:

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Students can apply if they have undergraduate degree / certificates in the following specialties:


Fitness Trainer

Yoga Instructors

Bachelors of Physical Education

Bachelors of Science / Arts Degrees

Physio-Therapy Assistant

International Physiotherapy (BSc) Graduate

International Medical Graduate

Massage Therapy

Qualifying undergraduate degrees involve PTA, kinesiology, fitness trainers, bachelors degrees and physiotherapist (international graduates) Yoga instructors & massage therapists.


We welcome all inquiries on this exciting, program. You may also begin the application process via the College tab on this website or click below.


Better Call Doc Pain Therapy College is PCC (Private Career College) exempt from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development Superintendent governing Act (PPC Act, 2005, S.O. 2005).


The exemption clause BCD is attesting to is Clause ix, Professional Development and Skills Upgrading. the program offered by BCD intends for individuals who already have experience in a related vocation. The BCD program has a purpose of upgrading and/or updating the students' qualifications, which will entitle them a license from the BCD to be independent pain therapy practitioners. The certification program grants a diploma entitled: Better Call Doc Pain Relief Therapy Practitioner. The health service specialty's provincial registry is entitled: health care or service / pain relief.


For more information please consult with the Academy's admissions department.


*A formal application fee of $250 applies per applicant.

     o you have a degree in kinesiology? A Bachelors Degree in Science? Are you a Physio Therapy Assistant or Fitness Trainer? Medical or Physiotherapy International Graduate?


Can't find decent employment? Are you a trainer who wishes you could easily recruit clients or offer more services to your clients?



The Pain Therapy Fitness Practitioner specialty will qualify you to set-up or own your own practice. You could also be an equal associate with other practitioners such as physio or chiro clinics.


BCD is very excited to be offering a post-graduate TP (Therapy Practitioner) certification program.


The program is a 4-month intensive curriculum involving both classroom time and practical training. Students are expected to be current on the content of their graduate degrees (know their stuff) and be able to independently catch-up to topics they may need to be expected to know during the program.


The BCD Academy is classified as a professional skills upgrading diploma-granting program. Certified BCD graduates qualify to set-up independent therapy practices or work in a satellite clinic set-up by BCD.

You will be qualified to set-up & own your own clinic & private practice


The future practitioner will factor in affordability of care in order to allow the patient the opportunity to advance from the 'unwell' pain stage of healing to active therapy, the true focus that will rebuild the patient toward a strong, independent & active lifestyle. 

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