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W E   C A N   H E L P 

THE UNIVERSITY's extends specialty programs designed to help students achieve their goals to expand their resources & network for the purpose of solidifying a their ideal match.

Our innovative graduate program offers empowering programs specifically designed to position & align you with top programs, people & future match or licensing possibilities.   

First, it must all start with good advice...and to get good advice, we want to get to know you first. Afterall, this is all about you, right?

So if you are an IMG or an MD graduate who is experiencing challenging obstacles to get into a residency program, we want to help. This program is unique to any medical school program. 



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We called our program the Hallway Pass program for many reasons, some that should be obvious.


First, a pass in your Steps is what every medical student wants to achieve. We especially like the coined 'Hallway" to the pass program because we want our students & graduates to know that we know. That's right, we know! Know what?

We get it - we've been exactly through what you may going through right now  - trapped in a waiting game, hoping to be the chosen one for a residency spot you are dreaming for.


How about a dream to start your life over - a new place, with new friends, colleagues & surroundings.


Let's not forget the fact that you may be passionate about offering your services in an area that is in need of your knowledge, expertise & clinical experiences.

We also understand what it's like if you are an older mature student, meeting head-on with agist programs that bluntly discriminate against older physicians who are new medical graduates or experienced licensed graduates who want to come to Canada or the USA.


If you can relate to one of these situations, we would welcome a chance to set-up a special time to talk to you...about you!




for a favourable pick Here are samples of individuals who we have accepted in our 


The American University of Montserrat is an international program with educational components in Montserrat, the USA, Canada, and the UK. Clinical clerkships are extended in the USA, Canada, & the United Kingdom. American University Montserrat maintains a campus for The Doctor of Medicine program in Montserrat. This is a new campus currently being constructed in the Caribbean.

American University of Montserrat campus is in Montserrat. It is a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. The campus is situated 15 minutes from the heart of the commercial area. Montserrat is located 75 minutes by ferry and 20 minutes by air from the island of Antigua. Montserrat is a quiet multicultural British Territory with a population of 5,000. It is an Island with rich culture, Quiet and serene, making it an ideal location for learning and living.

American University Montserrat provides a unique opportunity to live and study abroad. Montserrat is a picturesque island with beautiful mountains and tropical weather.

While studying in Montserrat, students have the privilege of attending many of the intellectual, social, and sports events held in and around Montserrat. Our students are encouraged to pursue their interests in sports, music, & the vast cultural opportunities in Brades, Montserrat.

Montserrat’s unique experience afforded by the educational program is an invaluable and rewarding part of the American University of Montserrat. As a whole, the program offers exciting opportunities to travel and take part in a cultural richness offered by an international medical school. It is situated in an environment devoted to education, surrounded by picturesque views with an environmentally friendly campus.


Taking the first step when deciding to apply to medical school is a big one. Even now, our faculty members remember this first step as a big life changing move in our lives.


So congratulations on taking-on this first step. We want you to know that we are there to answer all of your questions every step of the way. Although the process of sending us your initial information can feel intimidating, just know that we take your decision very seriously & want you to feel comfortable & excited about your decision to become a doctor.


So if you can agree to having no anxiety, no worry & no emotional low moment on your part. we promise to help you in this process all the way through to your match confirmation the residency of your choice.


The information we are asking for in this first step is easy to fill-in. We want you to start the process of reflecting about why you want to be a doctor, at least at this initial stage in your education. There is no perfect answer to our questions & we have full expectations of you changing your views on some of our questions as you move along the program.

Keep in mind that your information is not being kept as you type answers to the questions on the online application. So please read each question carefully & for the longer questions we would like you to write the answer in a word document (any word processing / pdf works for us) so that you don't have to re-write your answers should your computer or tablet crash.

So this is a summary of the process: